When speaking of Islamic finance most of us tend to think of Islamic banking. When talking about avoiding usury, most of us tend to feel quite simply by not saving in a conventional bank or do not take the interest of conventional banks. Most of us tend to forget the other parts of the financial system, namely insurance.

Whereas conventional insurance is much more unclean than conventional banks. If the conventional banks focus only on usury, the conventional insurance contains all the main principles of the Shari’a illicit muamalah; riba, gharar (vagueness), and maysir (gambling).

Riba contained in conventional insurance transaction occurs when a client gets insurance claims above the amount of the premium paid. Every month premium paid only Rp 100 thousand, but when ill a year later, the insurer bears the burden of Rp 10 million, for example. It is clear that, Rp 8.8 million (10- (100K x 12)) that we use in the treatment of a riba (additional values ​​without effort worth it).

Number of Content Uncertainty
The prohibition of conventional insurance is also evidenced by the content of uncertainty (gharar) in the transaction. How this may occur? Because the types of claims that will be covered by insurance companies uncertain shape. Eg accident insurance. Accidents will happen on the client side in the future can not be ascertained details.

In addition gharar also contained in the price of the claim could not be ascertained. Types of claims in the future that can not be ensured, resulting in can not Dipastikannya price will be paid the insurance company to the client.

Conventional insurance also has an element of maysir because each party gains both companies and clients happen on a probability game in which the benefit of the company derived from the probability of non-occurrence of claims from clients, which resulted in client losses because it has to pay a premium, and vice versa.

So it is clear that conventional insurance is more unclean than conventional banks. Most of us may pay less attention to this case because we tend to be more familiar with the bank, rather than insurance. But along with the times, insurers began to become commonplace.

Therefore, let us pay attention carefully, so as not to be a pro-Islamic and Islamic economics, but still bernikmat-favor with the prohibition of conventional insurance.

For a moment let’s forget about the threat to the perpetrator gharar and maysir sufficient to contemplate the promise of Allah against usury eaters. Is not Allah has promised hell for them? “People who repeat (usury), such are the dwellers of Hell; they will abide therein. “(Qur’an: 2/275).


hell threat
Yes, hell, is not it enough that he is as threatening? Or do we still need these words?

“(Sin) riba it has seventy-two doors, the lightest is such as to (sin) someone who menzinai own mother.” (Reported by At Thobrany and more and classed as saheeh by Al Albany).

Subhan Allah, is not usury so disgusting? Once you know how disgusting riba, are we still at home bernikmat-favors using conventional insurance? Or we like to consider ourselves people who are forced to? Terpaksakah new people who pay premium 1 million alone last request accident claims 10 million, while the savings it has tens of millions?

If we include people who feel absolutely compelled, then think hard at, do the best analysis, and prepare answers were super nice, so that in an interview in the hereafter Allah also felt we really had to. Thus, the prohibition of conventional insurance is not something that can be tolerated.

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