BEAUTIFUL BEACH IN BALI INDONESIAN - Indonesia has many beautiful tourist attractions, one of which the beach. Beaches in Indonesia offering a panoramic view of nature. Here are some of the beaches in Bali that can be visited:

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1. Nusa Dua Bali Beach
Visit Indonesian, Wonderful Indonesian, Beautufiul Beach in the world, Nusa Dua Beach, Bali
Nusa Dua beach favored domestic tourists to visit while on vacation in Bali since the beach is one of the cleanest beaches on the island of Bali. Because cleanliness is always awake made me put the Nusa Dua beach at number one in the list of 10 most beautiful beaches in Bali.

The cause of the Nusa Dua beach is very clean, because along the beach of Nusa Dua there is a five-star hotel and there is always a janitor who cleans the beach.

In the Nusa Dua Beach there are two beaches, the beach and the beach Geger Mengiat, the beach is more suitable for swimming and safe for children to play, because the waves are small, very suitable for family travel along the coast.

Besides the beach, in Nusa Dua, Bali also a tourist spot favored by youth, his name Waterblow Bali.

2. Jimbaran Beach
Visit Indonesian, Wonderful Indonesian, Beautufiul Beach in the world, Jimbaran Beach, Bali
Bali Jimbaran beach favored by domestic tourists because it offers a unique activity that, dinner with grilled seafood on the beach of Jimbaran, while watching the sunset views.

Jimbaran beach is more suitable for travelers visited honeymooners who want a romantic dinner off the coast.

3. Kuta Beach
Visit Indonesian, Wonderful Indonesian, Beautufiul Beach in the world, Kuta Beach, Bali
I am sure you know or have a vacation in Bali's Kuta beach, one of the white sand beach in Bali's most popular and very well known to kemancanegara.

The appeal of Bali Kuta beach makes tourists really like a vacation to the beach of Kuta is located at:

Access to the beach is very close to the Ngurah Rai airport.
White sand gently sloping and very spacious.
Facility and infrastructure supporting tourism widely available, such as hotels, restaurants, malls.
The scenic beauty of sunset.

4. Pandawa Beach
Visit Indonesian, Wonderful Indonesian, Beautufiul Beach in the world, Pandawa Beach, Bali

Turkish Pandavas are currently popular among domestic tourists and most of the domestic tourists who vacation in southern Bali tourist spots, always include these Pandavas visited the beach.

The uniqueness and beauty of the beach Pandavas located at:

Tebing Batu with the statue of five Pandavas.
Fine white sand and clean.
The sea water is calm and bluish.
Suitable for activities such as swimming and canoeing.

5. Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach, Visit Indonesian, Wonderful Indonesian, Beautufiul Beach in the world
If the majority of white-sand beaches in southern Bali has a beautiful view of the sunset, in contrast to Sanur beach which has a beautiful sights of sunrise / sunrise.

The layout of the coastline of Sanur is located on the seashore of the eastern part of the island make a breathtaking sunrise at Sanur beach is very beautiful. Not only the view of the sunrise, Sanur beach also has a very clean white sand and suitable for swimming activity.

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